Ongoing projects

On the part of the railway line between the stations Beograd Centar and Stara Pazova, as of July 25, 2018, works have begun on the reconstruction of the existing ones and on the construction of new infrastructure capacities, which significantly influence the way of organizing and regulating the trains traffic. It is predicted that these works will last 36 months, during which, apart from the planned intervals of line obstruction, there will be no closing of the line on the specified part of the railway.

On this section, train traffic will only be organized between 05:00 and 22:00. From 22:00 to the early morning hours or until 5:00 no trains on this part of the railway line will operate.
The reconstruction and modernization of the section Beograd Centar- Stara Pazova includes the construction of new stops for the needs of urban and suburban traffic:

  • The Altina stop, between stations Zemun and Zemunsko polje,
  • The Kamendin stop, between stations Zemunsko polje and Batajnica,
  • As well as, the relocation of the stop Tošin bunar to the new location, that is, 200 meters before the existing one in order to increase passenger safety.

The project also provides for works on facilities, as follows:
• Construction of new station facilities in Zemun and Batajnica stations,
• Reconstruction and renovation of existing station facilities in Zemun Polje station,
• Renovation or reconstruction of existing and construction of new platforms with relevant connections, equipment and facilities.

Regarding the station Novi Beograd, it is planned to use the existing facility until the construction of a new station building, which will be the subject of a separate project.
The renovation or reconstruction of existing platforms and construction of new ones and relevant platform facilities implies the following:
• In addition to tracks intended for acceptance and dispatch of trains, platforms with subways in all stations and stops,
• the construction of standard canopies for the platforms,
• In order to control access to the platforms, barriers in all stations in the Belgrade railway junction,
• In accordance with the requirements for providing accessibility for persons with reduced mobility, ramps at stations, while elevators at the stations Zemun, Zemunsko Polje, Batajnica and Tošin Bunar,
All stations and stops will be provided with the equipment for the information and guidance of passengers.

Infrastructure Railways of Serbia on May 15, 2019, in the station Umčari has started the reconstruction of the railway Jajinci – Mala Krsna and railway station Mala Krsna on the international railway Corridor 10 through Serbia. The estimated completion date is 450 days.
Due to the works on this section, complete train traffic on the railway Beograd-Niš has been organized on the railway Velika Plana-Mladenovac-Beograd, so that the BG:voz traffic has not been in full capacity since January, 2019. By the end of these works, we are expecting a larger number of departures on the section Mladenovac – Beograd Centar.